Welcome to XTEN NETWORKS (An IIT Kanpur Incubatee)

XTEN Threat Intelligence Gateway automatically blocks known Cyber Threat, manages Geo-IP traffic, mitigates risk and streamline security operation.

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An IIT Kanpur Incubatee

Provides Cyber Security Solution for ATTACK-SURFACE reduction.

Our Goal:

  1. Stop: Cyber Threats at border.
  2. Enable: Lean and clean Network.
  3. Reduce: Per Mbps protection cost.
  4. Lower: Capex and Opex.

What We Do

We’ve got everything you need for First-line Cyber Defense.

Geo-IP Blocking

In the era of ever increasing security risk and cyber-attack, it is essential to understand the traffic profile and to block traffic that is unwanted. Geo-IP blocking is worth-while for most organizations, it allows network owner to block countries those do not have business with, or become hostile to attack. The Geo-IP in most commercial firewalls is usually outdated due to lack of auto-update however with XTEN that is not the case, it is periodically auto-updated from cloud and block unwanted traffic with ultra-low latency.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is designed to prevent malicious IP traffic from exploiting your network. Threat Intelligence gets directly from cloud and applied daily, this is automated powered by shared infrastructure and intelligence. Threat Intelligence drastically reduces logs and helps SIEM to focus on important security events.

Network Visibility

Security starts with knowing, in-line Meta data in the form of NetFlow v5/v9/IPFIX record gives much needed tool for network visibility, monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting. XTEN Threat Intelligence Gateway generates Metadata and exports those to NetFlow Collector and Analytics Platform.

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